the gegenpress - A Team of Two halves

THE GEGENPRESS is a football website run by football people.  Not journalists, pundits, experts, or even decent Football Manager players, just people with a passion for the sport and how it is played. 

This is a brand new site (as of March 2016), and we have enjoyed getting this off the ground to where we are now - with regular feature articles, opinion pieces and our unique fiction serialisation The Journeymen. 

We are hoping for a lot more to come on this site, including regular dispatches from the football community in South and Central America, Asia & the Middle East, Africa, Australia and beyond.  And while our articles at present could be about the aesthetic, tactical or political aspect of football, we will soon be dedicating more regular input on these various strands to give you the fix of what you need.

Other pieces of the jigsaw include interviews with people behind the scenes – the kitmen, PR people and stadium security personnel among others, a dedicated Coaching section with drills, hints and tips for your real or virtual team, and of course your input through guest articles or interviews.

This is a site that you can quote at the watercooler, a site where you can find a light read or a tactical masterclass to accompany your cigarette break, a site that shows the best of football and what it means to us - without the cheap gags or the GIFs, the relentless transfer gossip soap operas or the In-The-Know smugness of the worst kinds of football journalism.

Welcome to THE GEGENPRESS – high intensity football writing.